Nederlands English

Drs. Anky Nauta
Noorderstationsstr. 74
9717 KR Groningen



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"click to enlargeFor me the added value of working with an English coach lies in the fact that I am coached and supported in questions that I come across in my –daily- work. Learning thus becomes meaningful and sinks in. Moreover, it helps me to enter situations where I am expected to present and communicate in English well- prepared and with refreshed knowledge and skills."

Gini Coutinho,
BoD Drenthecollege, Assen.

"click to enlargeAnky Nauta is a real professional. She coaches me in doing a presentation and in giving an introduction or speech in English. Through her my self-confidence grows! This is very important in communication in a foreign language. In short: I recommend Nauta."

Henk Pijlman,
Chairman BoD Hanzehogeschool, Groningen.

"klik om te vergrotenFor me it is important to represent my organization in a professional manner also when the language of communication is English.

Anky Nauta helps me to achieve this. Not approximately formulating my message but by using the right choice of words being able to express myself accurately.

Anky Nauta enables me to participate in a discussion with self-confidence and pleasure. This is beneficial to the quality of results"

Marian van Os,
Vice-Chairman BoD Hanzehogeschool, Groningen.